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Dear reader,

Cris KopI am a game development enthusiast. From 10 years old onwards I've been 'breathing game development'. From coding a manual 'polygon filler' (Mode X, Watcom C++, good old days :)) to developing my own 3D engines using Direct3D and OpenGL APIs.

During the last 20 years (with breaks now and then) I've been developing my own 3D engines, demo's and several games. In 2015 I produced and developed a full game using my DX9 based first engine (BooH). The game was released in May 2015.

In august 2016 I started developing my latest and current engine completely from scratch, still going strong!

You can find some of the games I created, in the games section below. The latest game I created was during the Global Game Jam 2021: Lightguard.

My dream is to combine my solid expierence in managing complex development projects, with the constantly growing game development industry.

I'll keep you posted on nice and new projects.



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Email: games@crealysm.com