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BooH is the first game which makes uses of the Crealysm 3D engine.

The game features 6 immersive levels of fun and challenge. One of the main features of the game is that the player can switch between top view mode and First Person view mode. The ghost indicator will help out a little, but even then you won't know exactly where the ghosts are. Dare to take the challenge?

Download BooH here: BooH Setup (.exe file, installer)

The download features a nice installer and takes care of everything. Controls can be found in the in-game menu or the readme.txt file.

The requirements for BooH are Windows XP or higher, a DirectX9c compatible graphics card and a Intel I3 or higher processor.

The game doesn't run smooth?
You can change MSAA/ anti-aliasing settings in the Video menu.

This game was mainly created to gain experience and get games under my belt. If you want to know how the game was designed, you can download the full Game Design Document here: BooH Game Design Final (.pdf file)


Here are some live demo's of BooH


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