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A new Global Game Jam, new team, new challenge!

Inspired by the setting of Fallout 2(TM) and the humor and mechanics from Monkey Island(TM), we dediced to go for a 'point n click' adventure.

The story takes place in a world where vampires are the new standard, your job is to repair the Fanguard vampire protection system, to prevent the next vampire attack at sundown.

With a great 2d artist and a sound producer (rare bread during GGJs :)) we managed to include quite an amount of features in 48 hours:

- Classic Look/Pick-up/Use user interface (and hotkeys)
- Player inventory
- Three difficulty levels
- 2.5D graphics
- Tapered UI
- Fun and humor
- Ambient sound per scene, effects per interactable
- Basic 2D menu's and UI
- No crash bugs after 48h!

Will you save the settlement from more bloody deaths?
Download the game (Windows) here: Unity ZIP package

Found a bug? Reach me by e-mail with the steps to reproduce.

Special thanks to: Erik van der Vliet (sound), Owen Melisek (art), Bartoz Ladzinski (code) and Bob Best (story and gameplay).

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