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With this year's Global Game Jam theme being 'ROOTS', we took the literal route.

My role this jam was mainly development and some producing/ project management.

The Last Tree makes you responsible for saving the last tree on earth.

Can you take the presssure to defeat all incoming threats? Use either the keyboard arrow keys, mouse scroll or controller to control the camera and a mouse or controller to defeat the threats.

Features include:
- 4 seasons of gameplay
- dynamic music
- mouse and keyboard controls
- end to end menu and winning/ losing conditions (aka a completed game)
- no crash bugs after 48h!

Download the game (Windows) here: Unity ZIP package

Special thanks to:
// Felipe de Barros (sound and art)
// Iris van Dijken (gameplay, sound and development)
// Mick Jasper (development)
// Sir Ancelot (gameplay and art)

Feel free to drop me an email if you want a Mac build.

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