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My 6h Global Game Jam, with this year's theme being 'MAKE ME LAUGH', let me know if it worked out :). My role this jam was 99% (lead) development in Unity. Minimum project management, max crunch time.

In a fantasy world somewhere in a kid bedroom, it was a gloomy day for a magical unicorn made from a very soft fabric. Out of the blue, the magical being was literally torn in two and now it is up to you and a friend to collaborate to get the unicorn stitched back together. It is a 2D platform game with multiple levels where two players have to work together in order to reach the next level. Please note that in-game jumping may result in the release of toxic gases, but the jokes in the narration will surely help you forget about your troubles. We are not responsible for any uncontrollable laughter.

Features include:
- co-op gameplay
- no AI used for any of the assets (soundtrack stock)
- up to 2 XBox controllers and or keyboard controls
- end to end gamplay (aka a completed game)
- no crash bugs after 48h!

Download the game (Windows) here: Unity ZIP package

Or play online: GetStitched web

Special thanks to:
// Janneke Paulus de Root (sound)
// Javier Sancho (PM and gameplay)
// Maaike Berdowsi (development)
// Michela Nicchiotti (art and design
// Motilayo Williams (art and design)
// Rosemarijn Keppel (design, animation, video

Feel free to drop me an email if you want a Mac build.

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