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In January 2018 a team of 5 champs, including myself, joined the Global Game Jam.

After 48 hours, we set the base for a nice coop 2.5D platformer. The game let's you steal the Crown Jewels from a tower in London, and try to escape as fast as you can.

Now; three months later, the game contains 6 full fletch levels, voice overs, a scoring system and much more.

Some more details:

- controls can be found in the in-game menu
- the game requires 1 joypad, the other player uses the keyboard and mouse
- available for Windows only
- the game uses the Unity engine

As team Clockworx we're proud to say that all used assets, models, sounds etc. were created by the team!

Can you escape with the Crown Jewels?

Download The Crown Jewels here: ZIP package
Simply unpack the ZIP file in your favorite folder and run the game.

Found a bug? Please drop me a short e-mail on how to reproduce.

Special thanks to: Joey to Vries, Arthur Panteleev, Ilia Kole, Ahmed Lkabous, Declan Byrne


Trying to steal the jewels


Gameplay in action


My work




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