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After the thrills, fun and focus we had in 2018, it was time for a new Global Game Jam!

This time we decided to mix up skills, variying from Haxe development to Unity pro and Unity beginner level.

The Jam's theme was HOME, so we thought; let's bring Joey Home. Joey stranded on a planet far far away and needs to get back home.

Some more details:

- coop gameplay
- player 1 flies the spaceship
- player 2 simultaneously plays mini games, proving ammo, health and power
- the shooter was developed using Haxe
- the command centre with mini games were developed in Unity
- network connectivity through websockets (playable over the internet)
- the 2d art and assets for the mini games were also created during the jam (with thanks to the team!)

Can you bring Joey Home?
Drop me an e-mail, and I'll provide you the needed downloads.

Found a bug? Reach me by e-mail with the steps to reproduce.

Special thanks to: Mark Knol, Pieter van de Sluis and Robert O'Connor.


Coop gameplay in action


Command centre with mini games


Space shooter in action


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