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It's 2021! Covid19 is taking over our lives. But hey, it's GGJ time!
This year's Global Gam Jam theme was Lost & Found.

For a change I did the 3D modelling this year (besides producing).

It’s 7:45PM. The protagonist, called A Nightguard Named Hank, who is a security guard in a police office, finds himself short before starting his night shift. All dressed up and equipped with a flashlight he starts his first round. The guard’s main goal is to survive the night shift up till 06:00AM, surviving and defending hordes of burglars, farmers and other unsatisfied civilians. He will do this by using and combining items that can be found in the ‘Lost & found’ cabinet/box.

Lightguard is a 3d platform survial game (static camera rotation).

Features include:
- Cartoon / low poly art style
- Mouse and keyboard controls (WSAD, E, mouselook and click)
- Game controller support
- Full 3D
- Two enemy types
- Basic menu and winning & losing conditions
- No crash bugs after 48h!

Will you survive the night?
Download the game (Windows) here: Unity ZIP package

To keep track & structure, we also created a Game Design Document.

Special thanks to:
// Josh Bryan (Game- and level- design)
// Leroy Korterink (programming)
// Robert 'O Connor (programming and sound)

Feel free to drop me an email if you want the Mac build.


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